Our Goals for the Students’ Parliament

  • Sustainability in teaching and the day to day life at the university
  • A broader selection of meals at the cafeterias, especially vegan and vegetarian choices
  • 100% ingredients from sustainable and organic sources in the food sold at the cafeterias
  • Sustainability as a fixed part of the university’s constitution
  • Repairing and upgrading of the bike lanes around campus
  • Better bus lines across Oldenburg and to the outer regions
  • Support for sharing projects (food-, bike-, car-, clothessharing)
  • Student sovereignity regarding selection of courses
  • Alternatives to the given curricula to create the best studies for every student
  • Stronger options for participation of students in the university’s panels
  • Support of volunteering work outside of university
  • Strong support for international students
  • More workplaces in- and outside on campus
  • Beamers in every lecture room
  • Connect the individual volunteer initiatives at the university (like foodsharing, Plurale Ökonomik, Wurzelwerk, Viva con Agua, Fossil Free, …)
  • Rooms to relax from university life
  • Strong stand against racism and discrimination at the university
  • A violence-free and peaceful campus (verbally/physically)